Saturday, March 19, 2011

Historical Hypocricy

Conservatives are so proud of the founding fathers, and our country's history, but they often get it wrong. The tea party was started in revolt against a multinational corporation, the British East India Company. I find it ironic that the modern tea party is funded by the Koch brothers, and snookered into believing the anti-union corporate agenda. Just before the election of 2004, I showed a full page ad decrying the Swift Boat attacks against John Kerry to a woman who was a big Fox News fan. She looked at the bottom of the page and noticed the sponsor, and she said sarcastically, "Of course, it's paid for by a union." I was incredulous, and I thought "What's wrong with unions?" She believed it unions are bad because she listens to Sean Hannity, and that's what he told her, over and over again. They've got it completely backward. Here's a piece of history. Unions built this country, and the middle class. They began in Wisconsin. There are seven towns in Wisconsin named Union. Unions gave us weekends, the 40 hour work week, and unemployment compensation. People fought and died for that which originated in Wisconsin, but they eventually prevailed. Of course the corporations don't like unions and are shitting all over them and the history of Wisconsin. It's an outrage, but we are fighting back. I am going to a 3 hour meeting with unions here in Pittsburgh on Monday, and this is just the beginning. Solidarity! ON WISCONSIN!

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