Saturday, February 19, 2011

The War Against Public Sector Unions

The following was submitted to the editor of the Pittsburgh Post Gazette.

The headline above the picture of the protesters in Wisconsin on the front page "Wisconsin Budget Battle" is misleading. It's about union busting. Scott Walker wants everyone to believe that the state is broke and the only way to fix it is to take it out of the pensions and health care of workers, but that is not the case. Just one state over, in Minnesota, the governor faces a 5.6 million dollar deficit, but is fixing it by doing something that all the other governors are afraid to do, raising taxes on the rich by a mere 3%, instead of doubling the current amount that workers pay in. Karl Rove admitted it on Fox News on Wednesday. If you can bust the unions then their money will dry up for the 2012 presidential elections. Since private unions have gone down since Reagan declared war on them from 35% to 7%, Republicans are focusing on the public unions, the last source of cash for the Democrats to fight against the Citizen's United ruling. This is just the opening salvo. If they succeed in WI, it will spread to all other states, and we will no longer have a democracy. We will have a corporatocracy.

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