Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Why are we in Afghanistan?

This is the question that plagues many American people. We supposedly went in to fight those who attacked us on 9/11. Actually, 9/11 was masterminded by Khalid Sheikh Mohammed in Pakistan. Should we bomb Pakistan? I guess you could say that we already are with predator drones. The plot was also hatched in Spain, by Farid Hilali, who was extradited there to face charges. Should we bomb Spain too? Obama has called Afghanistan “the good war,” because that’s where Al Qaeda was, as opposed to the bad and unpopular occupation in Iraq, that had nothing to do with 9/11. The only problem is that Al Qaeda is no longer in Afghanistan, so it doesn’t make sense.

Unfortunately, Obama’s “good war” is going from bad to worse. There have been more U.S. military deaths in the last 10 months of the Afghan war than in the first five years of the conflict. More boots on the ground than in Iraq. It is the longest war in American history, and the cost of both wars is now over 1 trillion dollars. Just New York City’s share of that debt would be enough to pay for a half million school teachers for a year. Where are our priorities?

The military industrial complex has searched and searched for a way to justify and continue this debaucle. One thing they’ve come up with to continue the war are the predator drone strikes. When they use those against terrorists, they not only kill them, but they usually end up killing scores of bystanders, which the military calls collateral damage. This is a great recruiting tool for Al Qaeda, and perpetuates the war, because there will always be more terrorists to kill. So it’s a win-win situation - a win for Al Qaeda, and for the military industrial complex, because it will keep bleeding our economy to death, which is apparently what Bin Laden, and other Masters of War want. The American war mongers know that if another country, say Mexico, was concerned about our drug problem here in America, (and we have one), and they decided to help us out by taking out a drug lord in New York city with a predator drone, and in doing so, took out a few buildings and families around it, that Americans would not applaude that action as cool technology. We would declare war on Mexico. That’s one way they make sure the war on terror continues forever.

Helen Thomas recently asked Obama, “When are you going to get out of Afghanistan? Why are we continuing to kill and die there? What is the real excuse? And don’t give me this Bushism that we have to fight them over there so we don’t have to fight them over here.” Asking the “why” questions was a Thomas trademark. Many self-censoring journalists avoid controversial “why” questions, thereby allowing evasion, dissembling and just plain B.S. to dominate the White House press room. She rejected words that sugarcoated or camouflaged the grim deeds. She started with the grim deeds to expose the doubletalk and officialdom’s chronic illegalities. That is why we miss her, despite her recent gaffes.

Obama didn’t really answer her uncomfortable question.

“Why do we never get an answer
when we’re knocking at the door
with a thousand million questions
about hate and death and war?” -The Moody Blues

But never fear. The military industrial complex has ridden in on a white horse to provide a justification for this war.

Afghanistan is sitting on 1 trillion dollars worth of minerals, especially lithium, which will be needed to power our future electric cars. We’ve known about this for years, ever since the Russians reported it in the 80’s. So why come out with it now? Because we need a justification to stay in our longest war for even longer. "There is stunning potential here," the New York Times quoted Gen. David H. Petraeus, commander of the United States Central Command as saying. "There are a lot of ifs, of course, but I think potentially it is hugely significant." No shit, Sherlock. Iraq has 8.5 trillion dollars worth of oil, and that was enough justification for us to invade that country. How pathetic. It’s all about the money.

It’s all about usurping God’s natural resources for our own nation’s selfish imperialistic greed. We are no better than thieves, because are claiming God’s property as our own, and killing people in other sovereign countries in the process. With this mentality, there will never be peace. As Swami Prabhupada wrote in his pamphlet entitled “The Peace Formula” that he passed out in front of the U.N. in the middle of the anti-war movement in 1966, “The great mistake of modern civilization is to encroach upon others' property as though it were one's own and to thereby create an unnecessary disturbance of the laws of nature. These laws are very strong. No living entity can violate them.”


rt said...

Hi, Scott
Thanks for posting that article. Since you raised the question, I would like to respond to the point about the value of Iraq's oil. The latest report I have says that Iraq has 110 billion barrels of recoverable oil. At current prices, that about 8.5 trillion dollars of market value.

shick said...

Thanks for the info, RT. I corrected the text.