Monday, October 20, 2008

Green Party Russian Roulette

Today I heard an advocate for the Green Party talking about their strategy for the '08 election. He said that Barack Obama is ahead 14% and so we should vote for Cynthia McKinney, in order to get her to 5%, which will make people sit up and pay attention. I thought about this strategy, and it reminds me of the game of Russian Roulette. You load one bullet in the chamber of a gun, spin it, aim the gun at your head, and pull the trigger, knowing that there's a 16% chance you may die. If McKinney steals 5% of Obama's vote, if the election were held today, that would leave him in the single digits. Right now, the Republicans have already managed to purge millions of people from the voter roles. That combined with and all the other election fraud leaves Obama in danger of losing this election within a margin of error, and if he does, America is dead, and no one will care that McKinney scored those attention points. This election is too important to play this game. I agree with many of the policies of the Green Party, but in this "strategy," they are like children playing with a gun. Instead of showing up every four years, like Ralph Nader, and enthusiastically trying to crush and trash the Democrats, maybe they should try organizing their party in between elections for a change and push for things like such as instant run-off voting. They should put the gun away, and vote for Obama.

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