Friday, September 21, 2007

MoveOn gets "Dixie Chicked"

The following is my letter to the editor of the Pittsburgh Post Gazette:

On Thursday, Senator Casey (D-PA) and other "Democrats" in the world's greatest deliberative body got together to decide whether or not to condemn a newspaper advertisement. (S.Amdt. 2934) The final vote was 72-25 to admonish MoveOn for its "General Betrayus" ad.

Where was the senate when the "Swift Boat" people were attacking one of their own, John Kerry? Where was John Kerry, for that matter? The Senate is holding our kids hostage in Iraq, and continues to kill over a million Iraqi citizens, but they are worried about MoveOn hurting someone's feelings?! Apparently, the Senate hasn't even read the 1st amendment of the constitution. It's called freedom of speech. If you're in favor of free speech, then you're in favor of freedom of speech precisely for views you despise. Otherwise, you're not in favor of free speech. Sometimes I wonder what country I'm living in, where a kid gets tasered by thuggish cops for asking an annoying question in a political forum.

This is nothing but censorship of the kind the Dixie Chicks suffered through. Petraus is a big military boy. He can take it. He took it from his boss Admiral Fallon, who called him an ass-kissing little chicken s**t. He said he "hate(s) people like that." Where is the Senate's outrage against Fallon? No wonder the Senate's rating is so low. They vote to give their "full support" to the guy in charge of a war whose execution many of them oppose. Hypocrites.

Scott Manley
Coordinator of MoveOn's Operation Democracy Council of Greater Pittsburgh


Anonymous said...

the tazering of the student in alachua county, for his failure to yield the microphone when his question was censored for content,
has been taken with such complacency that encouraging and mobilizing masses seems quite the impossible task. most would rather yield the balance of their
"freedoms" rather than face the policeman's truncheon. spiro agnew said it 35 years ago and it is still republican party strategy. just as the kent state murders reigned in dissent, these selective highlighted acts of aggression against the populace, with little or no justice if the wrongful abuses are even curtailed, sets the mood of the future for the full use of the football stadiums.
"free speech", a misnomer by both parties standards, is neither "free", nor is it "gauranteed", and for most american couch potatoes, it is certainly not worth fighting for.
four generations ago ohio valley residents were ordered into the local coal mines by rockefeller's hired gunmen, now they beg "senator" rockefeller for the chance to go underground. just as
aldous huxley warned (brave new world revisited), this battle for control will be over the control of the information content the masses are spoon fed.

Anonymous said...

Our "freedom of speech" in the Bill of Rights protects us from GOVERNMENT interference. It does not give some guy the right to hog the microphone preventing others from exercising their right to speak. When it takes more than a couple of cops to subdue this.... uhm... guy, then he's gotta face his fate like a man. Which he did not. Ho hum!!!

shick said...

Anonymous says the "when it takes more than a couple of cops to subdue him... then he's gotta face his fate like a man. Which he did not." So now police are justifid tasering somebody for being annoying? For having a book? For hogging the mic? Are you KIDDING ME?! He said he would go, and he would have left on his own accord, but they tackled him and tasered him, which is touted as being non-lethal, which has ironically killed 800 people so far. These things should be BANNED. What is this country coming to. The only person who was less than a man was John Kerry who stood there with his thumb in his ass and did nothing, and lied about it later. He said he wasn't in room, well, who am I going to believe, Kerry or my lying eyes that saw him standing there 5 rows away from the kid. Give me a break, the people you should be ragging on should be Kerry, and the cops, and the kids who applauded. What's wrong with them? Maybe they're just victims of this fear-mongering authoritarian militaristic fascist attitude this country seems to increasingly being infected with. Why aren't you demonizing that, instead of condescendinly callously ragging on this honor student. He's the victim here. He DIDN'T have it coming. There is no way you can justify this, unless you're a good little German.

Anonymous said...

anonymous #2 could give anonymous posters a bad name and his concept that "Our "freedom of speech" in the Bill of Rights protects us from GOVERNMENT interference." is not supported, in fact. the concepts of "freedoms", other than the original premiss that they are "God given", are certainly as arbitrary and as divergent as peoples opinions. offenses against such "freedoms" clearly require enforcement (government)
unless we adopt the most literal
interpretation of "necessary to the institution of a free society, the right to keep AND BEAR ARMS shall not be infringed", in which case the onus is on the couch potatoes to "GET OFF THE COUCH AND DO SOMETHING!". not much chance of that. well fed, lazy, and blissfully ignorant.

anyone expecting anything more from john kerry should only be thankful their vote was cast aside in favor of the election process of this century, "presidential selection by supreme court ruling".

the question, "wouldn't a skull and bones man give us the same basic outcome, regardless of his party affiliation?", needsd to be asked, much more so than whether brittany is wearing underwear or not, but "fair and balanced" doesn't seem to think so. "equal time provisions" are now taken to mean time limits on sound bites but no determination being given to who sets the agendas for discussion. the government will only respond to the "voice of the people" when the people make themselves heard.

Anonymous said...

sankirtan das says:

On Sept 10 ran a full page add in the NY Times. There was a picture of General Petrarus, the man who’s heading up the military operations in Iraq, with the caption: General Petraeus or General Betray Us?

It seems the ad unleashed an outburst of criticism against both the Times and MoveOn.Org. And I also say, why pick on the General? He seems to be a decent guy. Aren’t we just making him the scapegoat? Indeed, the real culprit all along is not the General, but something far more sinister. The big news, which no one dares to consider let alone print, is that we are all being betrayed by our own senses.