Friday, September 21, 2007

MoveOn gets "Dixie Chicked"

The following is my letter to the editor of the Pittsburgh Post Gazette:

On Thursday, Senator Casey (D-PA) and other "Democrats" in the world's greatest deliberative body got together to decide whether or not to condemn a newspaper advertisement. (S.Amdt. 2934) The final vote was 72-25 to admonish MoveOn for its "General Betrayus" ad.

Where was the senate when the "Swift Boat" people were attacking one of their own, John Kerry? Where was John Kerry, for that matter? The Senate is holding our kids hostage in Iraq, and continues to kill over a million Iraqi citizens, but they are worried about MoveOn hurting someone's feelings?! Apparently, the Senate hasn't even read the 1st amendment of the constitution. It's called freedom of speech. If you're in favor of free speech, then you're in favor of freedom of speech precisely for views you despise. Otherwise, you're not in favor of free speech. Sometimes I wonder what country I'm living in, where a kid gets tasered by thuggish cops for asking an annoying question in a political forum.

This is nothing but censorship of the kind the Dixie Chicks suffered through. Petraus is a big military boy. He can take it. He took it from his boss Admiral Fallon, who called him an ass-kissing little chicken s**t. He said he "hate(s) people like that." Where is the Senate's outrage against Fallon? No wonder the Senate's rating is so low. They vote to give their "full support" to the guy in charge of a war whose execution many of them oppose. Hypocrites.

Scott Manley
Coordinator of MoveOn's Operation Democracy Council of Greater Pittsburgh

Monday, September 17, 2007

This country needs real spiritual values NOW.

After the ’04 election, the exit polls asked voters what was the most important thing that guided their vote. The majority answer was “moral values.” This was a misleading answer, however, because to the “religious right” (which is neither) talk about moral values, they are talking about wedge issues like hating the gays, (because a great number of them are gay, and they hate themselves) and abortion, etc.

Everyone is frustrated with the way this country is headed, lead by these so-called Christians. Because the leaders have no real morality, the values of this country is drifting and heading towards the rocks. Although most people are waking up, there are still 30% of us that are following spiritually blind authorities, like blind lemmings, off the cliff, and the rest of us are afraid that we are going to be pushed off in the rush. Now we find ourselves in a mad rush to war with Iran – to World War III. Leaders, who claim to be religious, like Hagee and Leiberman, are urging the military and the executive to take the plunge.

It is time to stop this madness and re-examine our moral values. Did Jesus advise pre-emptive war? Did he promote ethic cleansing? I don’t think so. Nevertheless, the drumbeats are getting louder and louder.

“Stop, children, what’s that sound, everybody look what’s going down.”

Laura Flanders, of Air America radio and Radio Nation, when filling in last Friday for Thom Hartmann, brought up the terrifying possibility that the assassination of Sheik Abu Rishsa might be blamed on Iran, which would then become Cheney’s casus belli (reason to go to war) that he has been longing for. Greg Palast has said that this Sunni Sheik, which the Bush administration glorified as a hero, and the hope for Iraq is a fake Sheik. He was given millions of dollars and arms to ethically cleanse the Anbar province of Shiites. The other real Sunni Sheiks are jealous, and I think that they, or the Bush administration, killed him. The Shia are mostly afraid of the Madi army, so they probably didn’t do it, but one has claimed responsibility. The Iranians, of course, are Shiite. How convenient. Look for the bombs to start falling soon on your favorite cable network. God help us.