Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Conservatives Gone Wild

On July 13th, some of you may have seen PBS’s Bill Moyers Journal, where he interviewed Bruce Fein along with Jon Nichols of The Nation magazine for some “Tough Talk on Impeachment.”

People, this is what you call “must see TV,” so if you didn’t catch it, please click here.

Bruce Fein is a constitutional scholar, and author of the articles of impeachment of Bill Clinton. He is also calling for the impeachment of George W. Bush. Fein also appeared on The Thom Hartmann program on July 18th.

Now. If you if you liked Bruce Fein, you’ll love Paul Craig Roberts. The day after that Fien interview, Hartmann did the double whammy with Roberts, another Reagan conservative, the brain behind "Reaganomics." Both these guys are "dyed in the wool" conservatives, and it's noteworthy to hear them make such strong statements.

Roberts totally agrees with Fine about what wussy Democrats refer to as the unspoken “I word,” but takes it one ominous step further. Roberts is saying that because of all the executive orders that have already been lined up to give Bush dictatorial powers in case "The Decider" decides to declare a national emergency which could result from a series of staged, or false flag, "terrorist" events in the near future "unless Congress immediately impeaches Bush and Cheney, a year from now the US could be a dictatorial police state at war with Iran."

When Hartmann, who remarked about the strength of his words, confronted Roberts, and he replied that he's gotten flak for not being strong enough. We don't even know the worst of it, because they won't tell us. Congressman Jim McDermott (D-WA) asked the defense dept. what they have as far as a contingency plan in case of a terrorist attack, and they wouldn't tell him! Makes you think what these guys are up to, doesn't it?

Here’s Robert’s article in

Also, you must click here to listen to Thom Hartmann's interview of Paul Craig Roberts on 7/19, courtesy of KPOJ Portland.

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Anonymous said...

the patriot act, far more intrusive than even the war powers act,
already leaves the public at risk for surrender of all constitutional
rights. that we are not experiencing these intrusions more speaks more
to the vast size of the opposition rather than any mercy on the part of
the self proclaimed dictators. one of the most popular speakers of the
republican debates was ron paul, the darling of the john birch society
with the best voting record in congress from a conservative point of view, and all this because he speaks for the values conservatives formerly were judged on. special interests
have become so dominant in election manipulation that this primary season will be decided long before the first primary vote has been cast.

impending actions will devaste american commerce in a way that only those under constant military bombardment can understand.
discretionary spending, the lynch pin holding together a sembelance of stability in the economy of the US&A, will not be as prolific when the attacks become more open and random. the government does have a contingency plan ready to deal with any and all attacks, when they come. their plan, which involves only one brigade of 3500 troops of 82nd airborne delta force, bush's republican guard, will emerge from their bunkers
and engage in the mother of all rescue efforts, at the whim of the
commander in chief. in the event the anti isreal forces attack in
more than one city at a time, as 9/11 shows as a realistic possibility, the rescue rangers would have to split their forces or fail to respond to one of the emergency sites. that is the government plan. i feel safer already. good reason why the leader should have military