Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Nancy Pelosi: Impeachment off the table?

Right before the mid-term elections, Nancy Pelosi told 60 minutes that impeachment was “off the table.” She speculated that Republicans would "just love" the "waste of time" such proceedings would be. "Making them lame ducks," she concluded, "is good enough for me."

The problem is, even though the Republicans are lame ducks being served with a healthy side of subpoenas, they can still do plenty of damage in 679 days.

You may ask yourself “They've already destroyed practically everything. What more could they possibly do?” If you are sane, you may not be able to imagine what they could do. A sane person cannot predict what an insane person can do. During the Vietnam War, China was using weapons against us, and killing our troops. Did we attack China? No. Because that would have been insane.

In the current occupation of Iraq, spurious anonymous sources are claiming that Iran is providing weapons to the Shiah. These accusations are probably false because the Sunnis are responsible for 92% of the US casualties. Thanks to the kind donations of the citizens and government of Saudi Arabia, the Sunni insurgents have now acquired shoulder-fired missiles, and are currently using them to shoot down our helicopters at an alarming rate. No one says anything about that. Bush holds hands with the Prince Bandar because he is his oil buddy. That friendship is so strong, we overlook the fact that 18 of the 19 hijackers were from Saudi Arabia.

Bush and boyfriend

Not only does he hold hands with them, but also it has recently been revealed in a Vanity Fair article by Seymore Hersh that Bush is funding Jihadists connected to al Qaeda as part of a war with Iran he has ALREADY STARTED. Indeed, Raw Story reports that without the authorization of congress, covert operatives crossed over the border into Iran months ago and have been working with terrorists such as the MEK (Mujahedeen-e Khalq) to destabilize the country.

How are all these clandestine operations being funded? Some have speculated that they may be using some of the 12 billion in cash that Paul Bremer "lost" in Iraq (filling 18 tractor trailers, or 363 tons of hundred dollar bills) to give to the terrorists. John Stewart reported: "The House Oversight Committee trying to locate 363 tons of missing cash. Paul Bremer blames poor payroll records for the 12 billion dollars lost somewhere in Iraq. The Committee set up 2 websites -- just in case anyone sees the money that is stacked in $400,000 bricks each."

The theft is a high crime worthy of impeachment, because that money belongs to us, but giving aid and comfort to the enemy is not just an impeachable offence. It is treason, as is outing an undercover CIA agent to kill a story blowing the whistle on the lies this administration told to get us into war. Treason, according to our federal law is a crime punishable by death.

Impeaching Bush and Cheney is the very least we can and must do. If you see a crime being committed and you don't tell the police, you are guilty of being an accomplice. This process would be a civics lesson for the citizens of the United States. On the other hand, if we don't impeach them, it is sends the worst message to the world because it says we don't care about or uphold the rule of law, and the constitution. The best message to send to politicians is that they are not above the law, and We The People will not allow our employees to give themselves so much unfettered power that they are immune to prosecution. I know we probably couldn't get 18 Republicans to convict him in the Senate, but if we have a large unified American voice, (not a Democratic or Republican voice) that there is a party known as the Republican party that puts it's party before what is right and what is wrong. That is the best we can hope for, and it is the conversation that we need to have in this country right now, before it's too late.

Funding the Jihadists is yet another example of Bush doing the very same thing he accuses the "evil-doers" of. It fits the MO of the Bush administration, lacking confidence in the true casus belli, they conspire to invent additional ones, misrepresenting the available intelligence, crafting new “intelligence,” and then spreading these falsehoods to the public.

According to the British press, the US doesn’t even need an immanent threat of a nuclear weapons program, false flag operation, or Gulf of Tonkin type incident to trigger a war with Iran. The new “trigger” for starting a war with Iran is if there is a “major attack” on U.S. troops in Iraq that can be traced to Iran. How many troops have to be killed in order to qualify as “major attack”? 7? 3? 12? It could be anything, because George Bush is "the decider".

We can attack Iran for practically anything, without going to congress, using tactical nuclear weapons to destroy Iran’s nuclear production sites, military sites, and other key infrastructure. Bush doesn't need to go to congress for authorization to attack Iran. We are already there. If you think that the agenda for Iran is any different than Iraq, you have buried your head in the desert sand. The agenda is, "Nuke their ass, take their gas."

So my question to Pelosi is, if attacking Iran with nuclear weapons is on the table, how the hell can you say that impeachment is off the table?