Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Nukes for mangoes

America’s nuclear leadership - trading nuclear technology for tropical fruit.

Last Monday, December 18th, George W. Bush signed into law a bill that would allow the U.S. to trade nuclear, or as the shrub would say “Nucular” technology to India.

I believe there should be certain minimum qualifications for a President - he should at least be able to pronounce the type of weapon he's launching when he presses the button.

By signing this bill, Bush scrapped the U.S. Atomic Energy Act. And by doing that he scrapped the idea of us being a force for less nukes in the world. It will also fan an arms race with India's nuclear rivals Pakistan and China. Now that we can ship nukes to India, can we also now ship nukes to Pakistan? How can you ship nukes to India and not to Pakistan? Pakistan has fought three wars with India, and rising power China will expand their arsenal against New Delhi. Beijing will also offer Islamabad nuclear assistance that Washington has refused to provide.

Last summer India test-fired the Agni-III surface-to-surface nuclear capable missile off the coast of Orissa state. It crashed into the Bay of Bengal without reaching its target. The listed range of the Agni III, is 1,865 miles, hundreds of miles longer than that of other missiles India has tested, would put more of China's major cities within striking distance.

The despotic murderer Idi Amin once said that the way to make peace in the world is to arm every country with nuclear weapons. He also admitted to eating human flesh, and thought his face was the most beautiful face in the world.

Another despotic murderer, George W. Bush, after signing the bill, said, “After 30 years outside the system, India will operate it’s civilian nuclear energy program under internationally accepted guidelines, and the world is going to be safer as a result.” Looks like the two despots use the same philosophy and Orwellian doublespeak. Up is down - right is wrong - war is peace. Bush is living in the alternate universe called upsidedown world.

The deal reverses 30 years of U.S. policy that, until July 2005, opposed nuclear cooperation with India because it developed nuclear weapons in contravention of international standards and never signed the Non-Proliferation Treaty, or NPT.

The new law “may well become the death warrant to the international nuclear nonproliferation regime,” said Democratic Rep. Edward Markey of Massachusetts.

What this says to the rest of the world is that if you develop your nukes outside the system, then you get rewarded for it by the United States.

In this deal, India gets nuclear technology and fuel, in exchange for opening some of it’s civilian sites for inspection. The eight of it’s military nuclear sites will closed. The question as to whether or not India was trading nuclear technology with Iran was closed off for comment by the Bush administration. Congress asked about that when they were voting on this. The Bush administration said “You don’t have any right to know about that.”

Bush sold the Indian government technology which was really everything that India dreamed of having, because India is not a signatory to the non-proliferation treaty, so India gets to import nuclear fuel and technology to produce nuclear energy, and also got permission from Bush to continue to build as many nuclear weapons as it desires. They can build bombs in their secret sites, and no one can inspect them. Bush just went over there gave them Carte Blanche, and in so doing completely obliterated the very serious non-proliferation treaty, because other countries who see this deal will think they can do the same thing. It’s a good deal for India. What did we get?

“The United States is looking forward to eating Indian mangoes.” – George W. Bush, March 2nd, 2006

We got mangoes.

They did that deal in under two hours, because Bush really didn’t feel like negotiating that day, and he didn’t want to change his schedule, so he just said, “whatever you want”, and walked away.

India and Pakistan are natural rivals because of disputed territory in Kashmir.

Thirty years ago, an Indian holy man, Swami Prabhupada, predicted that World War III would start between India and Pakistan.

From a morning walk conversation, April 4, 1975, in Mayapur, India:

Prabhupada: Yes. All Western adventure to keep people in darkness. And that is going on. Now it will be smashed by the next war. Next war will come very soon.
Tamala Krsna: (Surprised) Oh!
Prabhupada: Yes.
Tamala Krsna: Next war...?
Prabhupada: Your country, America, is very much eager to kill these Communists. And the Communists are also very eager. So very soon there will be war. And perhaps India will be the greatest sufferer… Because America is aiming to start the war from India.
Devotee: Oh!
Prabhupada: Yes. Because India and Russia, they are...
Brahmananda: They are... Friendship.
Prabhupada: No. Side by side. If the war is started from India...
Rupanuga: So India will become...
Prabhupada: And the Russians are ready here already, I have heard, with soldiers and... Not soldiers. I mean to say...
Hamsaduta: Missiles.
Prabhupada: Yes. They are also vigilant… Pakistan will start the war with India. And then everything will be...
Tamala Krsna: Will this war spread to many different countries and continents?
Prabhupada: Yes.

The swami predicted WWIII would come “soon”. How soon is soon? Well, back in 1956, Prabhupada wrote an article in Back To Godhead called "Blind Materialism” in which he gave a very chilling estimate:

“By the grace of the illusory energy of Godhead we are now engaged more and more in the dangerous type of work in this machine-age. The machine-age is the result of dangerous type of work. When we leave aside the culture of spiritualism, we are entangled in the dangerous type of work. Nobody can live for a moment without work and therefore when finer elements are made to stop working, gross materialism occupies the devil's brain. The result is that we have now come to the age of nuclear weapons for the destruction of material civilization. By the law of nature, the nuclear weapons have been produced for crushing the result of blind-materialism.
The peace move of different powers of the world, by the false gesture of suspending the experiments of dangerous weapons--may be very much pleasing to the comparatively weak nations--but these temporary peace-moves will prove useless by the law of material nature. When the dangerous weapons are produced, they must be utilised for annihilation of blind materialism by the plan of the Daivi Maya or the external energy of Godhead. The problem can be solved when they are taught about their spiritual identity. The soul-killing civilization is progressively taking to the dangerous type of work by invention of huge mechanical means. The illusory energy is creating this atmosphere for blind materialism and on the other hand she is arranging for their destruction also. Such opposite methods are called illusory energy. The human energy is thus misused for breaking the same thing which is produced by the same energy. It is something like blazing the fire and extinguish it by pouring water simultaneously--a sign of insanity or spoiling the valuable human energy meant for spiritual culture. History has been repeated so many times and many many leaders of materialism like Napoleon, Hitler and others now remain in name only without any sign of the material progress planned by them. De-Stalinisation has already begun in Russia. Nobody is enjoying the result of civilization created by atheists like Ravana, Kamsa, Aurangzeb, Napoleon or Hitler. Everything is in oblivion and this teaches us the lesson that the materialistic plans of the present age will also meet with the same fate after a lapse of 50 years. Therefore blind materialism does not bring in any permanent relief in the world.”

Do the math. 1956 + 50 years = 2006

It just looks like, to me the whole world is preparing so that Dick Cheney can have the war he wants. People were really disappointed that we didn’t really get to use nukes on Russia - people like Cheney, who I believe has an “innie”, and he want to use nuclear weapons so he can feel like a man. They never got their war because Russia went broke fighting Afghanistan. If that is what everybody is posturing for, and people are literally choosing up sides right now by launching their missiles and showing where they are right now in WWIII, it’s probably going to be us, Israel, and India, against Pakistan, China, Russia, Iran, and North Korea.

Although the situation in the Middle East is currently spiraling out of control, I don't think even that is going to be enough for Bush and the chicken-hawks in his administration. It looks like they will never settle down until they get WWIII, the war they really wanted. That's the gift the President wants to give you this holiday - perpetual war for perpetual profit.

And a basket of tropical fruit from Haridas Patel's Orchard.

Merry Christmas, America!


Anonymous said...

I think you should look the histroy of Aurangzeb carefully. The civilization under his leadership wasn't based on atheists idology. Aurangzeb was a God fearing man and his name shall not be recall amoung the poeple you mention in the article.

shick said...

Anonymous, you are correct. I was quoting Prabhupada, and honestly had no idea who he was. Aurangzeb was a so-called "God-fearing" man. But he only feared his own God, because he destoyed 10's of thousands of Hindu temples. He as the first to institute Shariya law, now popular in Iraq, due to the intervention of the U.S. and consequent destabalization. He was a man of constant war, who wanted to convert everyone to Islam, just as the so-called religious right is trying to convert everyone to Christianity. If you use religion to wage sectarian wars and oppress people that doesn't mean you are actually God fearing. You are just instilling a false fear of God in the people you want to oppress, just like this current administration. "Not all that say 'Lord, Lord' will go to the kingdom of heaven."

Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!