Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Calling the kettle black

Last week, Rumsfeld rose from his lead lined coffin to tell the majority of Americans (and the rest of the world) that they are "Nazi appeasers".

He compared his critics to those who believed “in the decades before World War II” that Hitler “could be appeased” and “argued that the fascist threat was exaggerated — or that it was someone else’s problem.” People critical of his current efforts, according to Rumsfeld, “have still not learned history’s lessons.” Rumsfeld added, “any moral or intellectual confusion about who and what is right or wrong can weaken the ability of free societies to persevere.”

In December of 1983, Reagan White House Middle East Special Envoy Donald Rumsfeld shook hands with Saddam Hussein after selling him weapons of mass destruction. On March 24th, the day the UN released the report that those weapons had been used against Iranian troops, Rumsfeld visited again. The New York Times reported from Bagdad, on March 29th, “American diplomats pronounced themselves satisfied with relations between Iraq and the United States and suggest that normal diplomatic ties have been restored all but in name.”

It is plain to see that for decades, the appeaser of the enemy has been Donald Rumsfeld, not the American people. (See "The True Iraq Appeasers" by Peter W. Galbraith, Boston Globe, Aug. 31st). Rumsfeld is the one who is morally and intellectually confused about who and what is right or wrong. First Saddam is a good guy, now, he’s a bad guy. To make the moral judgement that we are good and Iraq is evil is not just confused, it’s bad theology. Donald Rumsfeld is also mentally confused. He thinks if we don’t stay in Iraq, Al-Quiada will invade Spain. He is mentally deranged old koot. He is Coo-Coo for Cocoa-Puffs. Nine gererals, and the majority of the American people want him placed the in looney bin, or at least into retirement.

Donald Rumsfeld is very afraid that the Democrats will regain control of the congress, so he, and George W. Bush are campaigning again, along with the “religious right”.
James Dobson will be here in my home town of Pittsbugh next month to tell his flock to vote for the party with moral clarity – the Republicans??!? I didn’t hear Jesus say anything on the sermon on the mount about pre-emptive war! He said, “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called the chilren of God.” I never heard him say we should give tax-breaks for the rich! Jesus was all about peace, and helping the poor. In other words, he’s an appeaser of the fascists.

George W. Bush is equating Bin Laden with Lenin and Hitler, saying that if we don’t pay attention to Bin Laden, there will be an even bigger price to pay. He is talking about World War III, a war that he may start out of political desparation. He doesn’t care about Bin Laden. He said, “I don’t know where he is. I really don’t spend that much time on him.” Bush and Rumsfeld are like cornered theives. Facing the prospect of answering to the American people, they will accuse us of more and more outlandish crimes. They will not let that happen. They would rather start World War III, let millions die, declare martial law, and cancel the election.

Sean Hannity is peeing his pants, saying “This is the moment to say that there are things in life worth fighting and dying for and one of 'em is making sure Nancy Pelosi doesn't become the speaker.” What is he talking about? A Jihad? An assassination? Who knows? This is someone who lies for a living, so we can’t really take his statement literally. We do know at this point, however, how scared they are. Nothing scares them more than answering to the American people.

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