Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Who’s the greater threat – Fox News, or North Korea?

After North Korea launched their dud missiles on the 4th of July, all weekend long the pundits on Fox were talking about whether or not we should nuke North Korea. Are you kidding me? You want to NUKE North Korea? Fox News must have a deal with the White House where Brit Hume goes on the air and suggests things that are even STUPIDER than what George Bush will really do, just so we don’t talk about what George Bush is really doing.

Here is the conversation between Brit Hume, and Ron Williams (who is not exactly a liberal himself), saying, “You got to be kidding me.”

WILLIAMS: Let me ask you a question here. How much can we really do as a superpower, given the fact that we are in Iraq, we are trying to deal with the Iranians, we are in Afghanistan. Given the idea that North Korea is now acting up, there is a limit to what we can possibly do, and you are suggesting that we “take a hard line”. You're not suggesting that we start bombing the sites!
HUME: But that is something we could do.
WILLIAMS: What are you inviting? What are you guys suggesting is the “hard line” in North Korea?
HUME: One thing about knocking the missiles out on the ground, I mean, they’re just sitting there like the Washington Monument. They can be struck. That, at least, is something we could do, and could make a successful possible strategy.

If Brit Hume wants to bomb North Korea, then I think we should put Fox News headquarters somewhere in South Korea or Japan, so he might understand what North Korea’s retaliatory capability is. Is he CRAZY?

Whenever something looks like the Washington monument, Brit Hume wants to blow it up? What kind of a mind-set is that? Who’s the terrorist now, Brit? Paging Dr. Freud! Kim Jong Il, you can’t wave your missiles in Brit Hume’s face, otherwise, he’ll want to nuke you. (Not that they have anything against George Washington, but it’s standing right there where they want the Reagan monument.)

The Clinton administration, despite all its faults, did a fine job in North Korea. We negotiated a framework in which the North Koreans were able to show us that they were getting rid of their plutonium, they were burying it in the ground. We were able to monitor the whole thing. They were cheating, but we KNEW they were cheating, because of the oversight. Now, no one knows anything about North Korea, because nobody’s in North Korea. Bush called Kim Jong Il a “pygmy”, a “spoiled child at a dinner table.” That’s great diplomacy. That works really well.

Hume is not the first chicken-hawk on Fox that spews fear mongering brinksmanship. After Iran unveiled it's nuclear program, John Gibson said this on the May 8th edition of Fox's "The Big Story":

GIBSON: Now it's time for "My Word." Tony Blair today said that any notion of a nuclear attack on Iran is absurd. That was the word he used: "absurd." His former foreign secretary, Jack Straw, had described an alleged plan of the U.S. to use nuke bunker-busters against a facility Iran has thought to be making nuke bomb materials in as completely nuts. I think both gentlemen were just saying that to be heard at this time.

Reality is something different. Notwithstanding the fact that Iran wrote President Bush a letter suggesting there may be other ways to resolve the two countries' differences over nuclear capabilities, if Sy Hersh was right about Pentagon plans to use nukes to derail Iran's nuclear ambitions, then Blair and Straw are obviously just trying to calm down the public in Britain and elsewhere about what might be inevitable.

If Iran is really going to develop the nuke bomb, which it can bolt on its already scary long-distance missiles, do you honestly think the world is going to stand by and let that happen? For one thing, Israel won't stand by. And since the Israelis probably don't have the precision nuke bunker-busters but might instead handle the problem with a barrage of many nuke bombs, world leaders may be coming to the U.S. saying, "Would you please use your super-duper nuke bunker-busters to end this thing with the least possible -- pardon the phrase -- collateral damage?"

Not long after that broadcast, Bush starts to make noise with Iran, and he says, O.K., we’ll negotiate with Iran, and we’ll tell them that they can have nuclear material for a civil electricity program, but they can’t enrich it. It’ll come from Russia, and they’ll make money – won’t that be great?

And North Korea is sitting there, going, “What’s wrong with me? I’m on your ‘Axis of Evil’ too. How come you don’t want to deal with me? What’s wrong with me? Why do you call me a pygmy?” So, they launch some scud missiles, and try for a long range ballistic, and of course, its years away from being ready, but they did it on the 4th of July, just to freak us out. Just to let us know that Bush doesn’t engage North Korea like he engaged Iran. Yet when Iraq did not have a nuclear program, Bush invaded them. So the message is blow up some missiles. Launch something, and we’ll get stuff too.

This foreign policy is so unbelievably bad. It hasn’t worked. It won’t work. They isolated the North Koreans, and wouldn’t talk to them. When Bush took office, they did not have a nuclear weapon, and we don’t know if they do now or not, and Iran did not have a nuclear program. Bush invaded Iraq, and now its full of terrorists. Iran is now saying they are definitely going nuclear, because if they think if they don’t have a nuclear weapon, they can’t protect themselves from crazy American administrations that want to attack them, so they follow the lead of Pakistan, that does have a nuclear program, and they are America’s greatest allies, even though they teach Wahhabist extremist views in their madrasa schools, and are probably protecting Osama Bin Laden. So we engage Iran, and say “we’ll pay you to stop” and North Korea’s like, “Pay us too.”

It’s a good thing that there was no Bush in charge during the cold war, and it’s good that Brit Hume wasn’t on Fox News during the Cuban missile crisis; otherwise I think it would have turned out quite differently.

So, who’s a greater threat to the United States? Fox news, or North Korea?

Bhagavad-gita 9.16

Following such conclusions, the demoniac, who are lost to themselves and who have no intelligence, engage in unbeneficial, horrible works meant to destroy the world.

The demoniac are engaged in activities that will lead the world to destruction. The Lord states here that they are less intelligent. The materialists, who have no concept of God, think that they are advancing. But, according to Bhagavad-gita, they are unintelligent and devoid of all sense. They try to enjoy this material world to the utmost limit and therefore always engage in inventing something for sense gratification. Such materialistic inventions are considered to be advancement of human civilization, but the result is that people grow more and more violent and more and more cruel, cruel to animals and cruel to other human beings. They have no idea how to behave toward one another. Animal killing is very prominent amongst demoniac people. Such people are considered the enemies of the world because ultimately they will invent or create something which will bring destruction to all. Indirectly, this verse anticipates the invention of nuclear weapons, of which the whole world today is very proud. At any moment war may take place, and these atomic weapons may create havoc. Such things are created solely for the destruction of the world, and this is indicated here. Due to godlessness, such weapons are invented in human society; they are not meant for the peace and prosperity of the world.

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