Friday, July 21, 2006

My fellow Americans: Don’t let them frighten you into submission

FDR once said, “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”

Three months ago, I wrote (“My fellow Americans: We cannot bomb Iran to peace,” Pittsburgh Post Gazette, April 17) because KQV did a poll in which 57% of Pittsburghers said they would approve using nuclear weapons against Iran.

We were afraid then. We are even more afraid now, because the right wing media machine is in overdrive. Their motto is “The only thing we have to sell is fear itself.” For example, Rush Limbaugh recently called the Israeli/Lebanese conflict, a “gift to the world.” This is "finally" our chance to go after Iran. As he puts it, there will be no peace until one side finally defeats the other completely. In his evil mind, peace means bombing and mass murder. Peace indeed… of the graveyard.

The right wing media hacks are not the only ones serving up the death. Republicans have decided what's on their mid-term menu. Start with an appitizer of anti-pasta: Anti flag-burning/gay/brown people/stem cell research for the next couple months, then on to the main course of WWIII rhetoric, with an unhealthy side of fear. On July 15th, the head chef, Newt Gingrich announced the Republican entrée that is guarananteed to make you a a repeat customer. He said that public opinion can change "the minute you use the language" of World War III. The message then, he said, is, "OK, if we're in the third world war, which side do you think should win?"

The rapture right is salivating right now. If you think that is disgusting, the dessert is a decadent “Using war to stay in power” sundae.

Americans: We cannot let these war pigs force fear mongering down our throats.

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