Friday, July 07, 2006

Did Ken Lay know too much?

They say Ken Lay died of a heart attack. He was the former CEO of the Enron Corporation during its collapse indicted for securities fraud, taking down California and Texas consumers for billions.

Even though the administration is calling Ken Lay a mere acquaintance of the President, he was actually “Kenny Boy”, Bush’s biggest Presidential campaign contributor, even for his gubernatorial race in Texas. Lay offered Enron's private jet to the Bush/Cheney campaign in '99-00. He was one of the biggest corporate crooks in United States history, yet he was another one of these Republicans who walked around praising God, and proclaiming his love for his Lord, quoting appropriate verses just to make himself look good. I’m sure that wherever he is, he is looking up on us today.

Standing outside the courthouse on May 25th, 2006, after he was found guilty of stock fraud, he said:
"I firmly believe I'm innocent... Despite what happened today, I am still a very blessed man... Most of all, we believe that God, in fact, is in control and, indeed, that he does work all things for good for those who love the Lord. And we love our Lord, and ultimately, all of these things will work for good."

Well, apparently, God wanted him dead. Or someone did…

According to stories on CNN, Rev. Dr. William Lawson, who delivered the eulogy at Lay's funeral, compared him to Martin Luther King, Jr., JFK, and Jesus: ". . . He was crucified by a government that mistreated him."

The service was attended by former President George H. W. Bush, former secretary of state James Baker, former secretary of commerce Robert Mosbacher Sr., and a number of energy industry executives.

“I plan to tell them this is not the first time somebody good has been falsely accused and even crucified,'' Lawson said today in an interview before leaving for Aspen. “Just like Martin Luther King and John F. Kennedy, my hope is that people will view Ken Lay in a much more positive light after his death. Even though people say he's a robber and a crook and that it's a good thing he's dead, we have the right to tell his family we've seen this (vilification) before, and history can be kind.''

Ken Lay – the guy who knew so much. Perhaps the guy who knew too much.

Am I wandering into the realm of absolutely over the top conspiracy theory?

Ken Lay – the guy who was having the secret meetings with Cheney, to come up with the energy policy
Ken Lay – the largest lifetime patron of the political career of George W. Bush
Ken Lay – who created Enron out of a deregulation that he personally lobbied Bush Sr. for
Ken Lay – who knew where all the bodies were buried
Ken Lay – who had the private meeting with Ahnold Schwarzenegger in Beverly Hills just before the rolling blackouts hit California from Ken Lay’s company Enron, that brought down Gray Davis, and guess who’s now governer of California
Ken Lay was going to be sentenced in October, so now is the time he would be cutting deals with prosecutors.

The last time there was sombody who was in serious trouble, and who knew too much about a Bush President was in 1987. William Casey, had been the campaign manager for George Herbert Walker Bush, who had engineered the “October Surprise” in the election of 1980. Bush went over and cut a deal with the Iranians and said, “You hold on to the hostages and make Jimmy Carter look bad, and Ronald Reagan (who was viewed as a right wing crack-pot by the majority of Americans and was down 6 points in the polls) Ronald Reagan will become President, and then we’ll sell you spare parts and missles." The guy who knew about that was William Casey. They made him the director of the CIA. He was called to testify before the senate, under oath, and he told his laywer Milton Gould he was going to tell the entire truth. The day he was going to testify before congress that George Herbert Walker Bush had cut a deal with the Iranians to flip a U.S. election in 1980.

The morning of his testimony, he suddenly has a seizure at his headquarters in the CIA office in Langley Virginia, falls over, they haul him away on a stretcher, they take him to Bethesda Naval Hospital, open up his skull, and take out the part of his brain that contols speech (the Broka’s region). They, for all practical purposes, cut out his tongue. He died six months later of complications from the surgery.

Now we have Ken Lay, just before it's time for him to start cutting deals with prosecutors, he's about to start singing like a canary, and suddenly he has a heart attack. Am I crazy? I don’t know.

I do know that the Bush crime family is ruthless, and I wouldn’t put anything past them.


bhakta dhani said...

Surprise, surprise---corporations write themselves another free meal ticket while the middle class suffers yet more with decent paying manufacturing and software jobs going overseas. So the big corporations can lower costs and make more profit.

Bush and Cheney and most Republicans are owned, lock, stock and barrel by corporate America. This is totally transparent to most of the world, but not to about 50% of Americans, who buy into the carefully crafted and totally fallacious way they represent themselves as "moral", "God -loving" patriots.

Their only gods are power and the almighty dollar. Sure, some Democrats are as bad, but far fewer, I think.

One of the best is Sherrod Brown. Ohioans need to oust DeWine and vote in Sherrod Brown, an environmentalist of the first order to the Senate.

Register to vote and look at the records of the candidates.

bhakta dhani said...
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