Friday, June 16, 2006

Painting our troops with neon targets

(From U.S. Newswire 6/15/06)
Democrats today demanded an immediate retraction and reversal of the reported proposal that terrorists and insurgents who kill American soldiers in Iraq may be granted amnesty by the new Iraqi government.

“It is shocking that the Iraqi Prime Minister is reportedly considering granting amnesty to insurgents who have killed U.S. troops,” said Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid.

“On the day we lost the 2,500th soldier in Iraq, the mere idea that this proposal may go forward is an insult to the brave men and women who have died in the name of Iraqi freedom. I call on President Bush to denounce this proposal immediately.”

Democrats offered a Resolution demanding that this policy be repudiated, and that President Bush immediately inform the government of Iraq — in the strongest possible terms — that the United States opposes granting amnesty to anyone who attacks American soldiers. The text of the Sense of the Senate resolution is attached below.

“We ask you Prime Minister Maliki, are you willing to have ‘reconciliation’ on the pool of American blood that has been spilled to give your people and your country a chance for freedom?” said Sen. Menendez, a sponsor of the resolution. “We reject that notion and are outraged that the sacrifice of American troops and the American people could be so devalued.”

“Terrorists and insurgents shouldn’t be rewarded for killing American soldiers,” said Sen. Bill Nelson, of Florida, a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee who also sponsored the resolution."

Four years into a war, the Bush Administration’s management of which has been marked by failure and incompetence, the American people expect better than to have American troops killed without threat of punishment. It is time for a change.

Text of Sense of the Senate resolution:
(1) The Iraqi government should not grant amnesty to persons who have attacked, killed, or wounded members of the U.S. Armed Forces serving heroically in Iraq to provide all Iraqis a better future.
(2) President Bush should immediately notify the government of Iraq that the United States government opposes granting amnesty in the strongest possible terms.

Republicans want to offer the terrorists amnesty, however there is one small problem they failed to see, because they've been blinded by their morally unrestrained, murderous lust for power. Historically, amnesty has never been given until AFTER a surrender and concomitant END to a war. To give clemency to terrorists while troops are still on the ground is nothing less than sanctioning murder. I thought we didn't negotiate with terrorists!

It is inconceivable to me how last Thursday, June 15th, they were jumping all over themselves last to give amnesty to terrorists who have killed or wounded American troops. Here is a quick compilation from DSCC:

TED STEVENS - “IF THAT’S AMNESTY, I’M FOR IT:” “I really believe we ought to try to find some way to encourage that country to demonstrate to those people who have been opposed to what we’re trying to do, that it’s worthwhile for them and their children to come forward and support this democracy. And if that’s amnesty, I’m for it. I’d be for it. And if those people who are, come forward… if they bore arms against our people, what’s the difference between those people that bore arms against the Union in the War between the States? What’s the difference between the Germans and Japanese and all the people we’ve forgiven?” – Sen. Ted Stevens

MCCONNELL SUGGESTED A RESOLUTION COMMENDING IRAQIS FOR GIVING TERRORISTS AMNESTY. “…might it not just be as useful an exercise to be trying to pass a resolution commending the Iraqi government for the position that they’ve taken today with regard to this discussion of Amnesty?” – Sen. Mitch McConnell

ALEXANDER COMPARED IRAQI AMNESTY FOR TERRORISTS TO NELSON MANDELA’S PEACE EFFORTS. “Is it not true that Nelson Mandela’s courage and his ability to create a process of reconciliation and forgiveness was a major factor in what has been a political miracle in Africa…Did not Nelson Mandela, win a - the co-winner of - a noble Nobel Peace Prize just for this sort of gesture?” – Sen. Lamar Alexander

CORNYN: IRAQI AMNESTY DEBATE IS “A DISTRACTION.” “It makes no sense for the United States Senate to shake its finger at the new government of Iraq and to criticize them… it really is a distraction from the debate that I think the American people would want us to have.” - Sen. John Cornyn

CHAMBLISS: AMNESTY IS OK FOR EX-INSURGENTS AS LONG AS THEY ARE ON OUR SIDE NOW. “Is it not true today that we have Iraqis who are fighting the war against the insurgents, who at one time fought against American troops and other coalition troops as they were marching to Baghdad, who have now come over to our side and are doing one heck of a job of fighting along, side by side, with Americans and coalition forces, attacking and killing insurgents on a daily basis?” - Sen. Saxby Chambliss

These senators have no ability to think for themselves. They can only stupidly support their dear leader at the expense of the troops. To add insult to murder, the Commander-in Chief will not tell the troops what their mission is - who the enemy is. He doesn't know whether it's the Sunnis or the Shiites. I can sympathize with Bush, because he wants to stay and fight till the bitter end, but it's hard to pick an enemy in the middle of a civil war.

The Sunnis and the Shiites, however, are very clear who their common enemy is - the American occupiers. Our troops have no mission. They are simply targets, trying to survive, and the Republicans are using them for political cannon fodder - painting an even more visible neon bulls-eye on them by giving the terrorist insurgents amnesty if they kill our children while the war is still going on.

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Found this support site and song on the web to support our troops over seas.
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