Saturday, June 17, 2006

The Hijacking of Religion

I am interested in God's Politics, not man's.

"God is not a Republican...
or a Democrat."

But with all the corruption, greed, and war, 99% of Republicans are looking more and more like cloned versions of the anti-Christ, because that's how many of them recently voted to stay in Iraq indefinitely. Almost all of them are embroiled in some kind of scandal or other. Ironically, they advertise themselves as the party with "moral values".

"The 'religious right' is neither."

The Democrats seem to be on the side of peace and social justice, although recently 40 of them just voted to "stay the course" in Iraq. That is the reason I will not support the Democratic party either, as a whole - only on an individual basis.

I don't care if anyone calls themselves a Republican or a Democrat - if their values and principles harmonize the with the will of God, whatever name you call Him - in whatever religion - Jesus, A.K.A. "The Prince of Peace", Yahweh, Buddha, Jehovah, or Krishna - not only in word, but also in deed - I will support them. There is only one God. He has many names, but His will is the same.
"A rose by any other name smells as sweet."

Before the nasty 2004 election, the religious right used religion to divide this country with wedge issues like abortion and gay marriage. After the election, the answers to deceptively worded exit poll questions were used to show that those who voted for Bush did so on the grounds of so-called "moral values". Those who didn't vote for him were labeled as immoral, because they were godless. The "religious right" has gotten lots of mileage from this smear campaign, and the attacks have gotton much nastier since then.

For example, recently, the shameless hate hag Ann Coulter wrote a book called "Godless: The Church of Liberalism". She puts herself forward as a beacon of morality, hoping to make a buck from the "religious right" by attacking the widows of 9/11 with her outrageous slander. Right wing liar and radio host Bill O'Reilly, the pervert who sexually harasses his co-workers and writes pornography about underage crack whores, also claims to be a religious person. He has an acronym for those who call themselves the "left", "Liberals", or "Progressives". He calls them "S.P.'s", or "Secular Progressives".

I also call myself an "S.P." I am a Progressive, but not a secular one. I am proud to support and align myself with a growing number of "Spiritual Progressives". The right does not have a monopoly on morality, or spirituality.

In the 80's the new age guru Marianne Williamson noted that the Democrats were "too cool to even mention God," so most people thought that God was in the Republican party. Ever since then the Republicans have been at work through their corporate media manipulation to strengthen that image.

Many Democrats and Progressives are feeling like spirituality has been hijacked and they want it back. Recently, Harry Reid commented that there is a growing interfaith movement to take back religion from these so-called Christians. In whatever small way I can, I vow to lend this movement a hand by making that my mission as well.

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