Friday, May 26, 2006

The NSA and Nazi IBM punch cards

Attn: Senator Bill Frist, Senator Harry Reid, Speaker Dennis Hastert, Representative Nancy Pelosi
It has recently been exposed that the National Security Agency has been collecting the personal and business call records of tens of millions of innocent Americans. This is an intrusion on privacy. I call on you, as leaders of a co-equal branch of our government, to investigate this matter fully. In order to fully understand the breadth of this program, all witness testimony should be delivered under oath.
This data mining is similar to the IBM punch cards the Nazis used to track all the Jews and gays and get them all on the trains in an orderly and timely fashion. By the way, how many terrorists have we caught while we're spending all this time tracking innocent Americans? Why are we doing this? Do YOU know? I've got an idea - only so the data could be used against the people who are screaming to protect our last shred of democracy. Meanwhile, Osama is still out there. There needs to be an investigation, and witnesses must tell the truth, otherwise, how are we any different from the fascists, who got away with the same thing under the Enabling Act?

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