Wednesday, April 26, 2006

World Contempt

Scott Manley, in his April 17 letter ("My Fellow Americans: We Cannot Bomb Iran Into Peace"), expressed his deep concern of "the possibility that the Pentagon has operational plans to use bunker-buster tactical nuclear weapons" in Iran.

He is right to be "shocked" that 57 percent of people responding to a KQV poll would support using nuclear weapons in Iran. The use of nuclear weapons is unthinkable, and the devastation would be catastrophic for the world. Aside from the immorality of such a strike, the United States would not win this war, and Americans at home and around the world would suffer.

Richard Clarke, former national coordinator for security and counter-terrorism, states that Iran, in response to Washington's continued threats, has enlarged its terrorist network.

Immediate possible outcomes of an attack on Iran could result in: 1) attacks on oil facilities and tankers, causing oil shortages around the world; 2) Americans and their interests being targeted at home and abroad; and 3) escalated attacks on our troops from sympathetic Shiite militias in Iraq.

Many Europeans expressed to me on a recent trip to Europe that Washington neither respects nor abides by international law, and the American people have reaped the contempt of much of the world because, by re-electing this administration, we have given it our approval.

What will be the reaction if the greatest military power on Earth unleashes nuclear weapons again? Isn't it strange that our "pro-life" politicians and their constituents are quiet on this subject?


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