Friday, September 02, 2005

Where Are The First Responders?

Today, I'm even more upset by the horrific disaster that this nation finds itself under, than I was just after 911 (thanks to Bush’s cuts to FEMA they couldn’t get enough federal money to shore up the levees last year, and there were no national guard troops, or equipment, because it’s all in Iraq. Meanwhile, he comes back all tanned and was strumming a guitar on TV, and waits 3 days after we lost a major city to come out of vacation.) This is going to plunge this country into a recession, and it all could have been prevented with a few lousy million dollars. We are giving millionaires estate tax breaks, and spending 7 billion a month in Iraq, where is the money for things that we actually need like first responders!! Where is the homeland security? It’s GONE. God help us when we get hit with a major terrorist attack. There won’t be martial law, there’s be no law, with no one in charge because the selfish pricks don’t want to spend one single dollar on disaster relief. I guess their plan is just let people die. God help us.

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