Sunday, September 25, 2005

Spinning Out Of Control

On his September 14 radio show, Bill O'Reilly has said he wished that Hurricane Katrina had flooded the United Nations building in New York. O'Reilly then added, "And I wouldn't have rescued them." Just as Katrina has shown us the some of the weaknesses in some of our government agencies, O'Reilly's statement reveals that he has finally lost his way in the spin of the storm of his own ideology. Perhaps it is time that Mr. O'Reilly move on to another career. I have noticed that Bush tends to appoint the absolute worst candidate for a government post, and if he could find someone worse than John Bolton, he would appoint that person. There may be an option that could save Shane Coppola, the president and CEO of Westwood One from further embarrassment. He should fire O'Reilly, and give him a good reference for a new job as U.N. Ambassador. I think that he is just the man George W. Bush is looking for.

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