Monday, September 05, 2005

Red Cross Ordered to Stay Out of New Orleans

I've been sick this last week watching the woeful lack of response to the worst disaster in American history, but today I learned something that made me so angry, fearful, and sad. It was bad enough that the Bush administration cut the funds the Army Corps of Engineers needed to finish shoring up the levees in New Orleans. Bush (who is incapable of telling the truth) lied and said, "No one could have anticipated the breach in the levees." Just like Condi (who was seen attending a Broadway play and buying shoes in NYC last Thursday while people were drowning and dying of starvation and thirst) lied at the 9/11 hearings about how no one could have anticipated planes flying into buildings. Everyone anticipated this, in fact, just a few months ago, New Orleans executed a drill in anticipation of such an event. With all these lies and willful negligence, I thought it couldn't get any worse. Then I learned this:

If I told you that the government deliberately held the Red Cross back from New Orleans, would you believe it?

Officials didn't let the Red Cross in until Friday, 5 days after the storm. They were told to wait in staging areas behind the check-points of the city until Bush could come back from his golf trip to get his photo-op hugging the Negroes. The reason they gave is that giving them food and water will make people stay there, or to come into the city, which they are eager to evacuate, because Halliburton needs to go in there and start rebuilding. "This is good news", Bush said. "The oil pipelines will be up to 47% soon... This is going to be a beautiful golf coast... Trent Lott's going to have a beautiful new home, and I can't wait to go there and sit on the porch." (you may recall, Lott, who lost his home in Mississippi to the hurricane, had to resign in disgrace as Speaker of the House, after his bigoted racist statements. The current Speaker, Dennis Hastert, suggested bulldozing New Orleans.) Michael Chertoff, the head of Homeland Security, blamed the victims for not leaving. They are called "refugees" by the media, as if they were from some third world country.

There is a sickness in this country that not only disenfranchises certain classes and races of citizens, but adds injury and death to insult by treating them worse than animals, as evidenced by one of my wife's co-workers, who echoed Chertoff's sentiment. "They told those niggers to leave" she said. My wife, incensed, told her, "They couldn't leave, because they are POOR!" They were not given the facility to leave, and then denied help. The stranded were forced to die by the thousands- the survivors wading in their own excrement, desperately looking for food and water for days and days, and threatened with deadly force if caught "looting" (or "finding food" if they were white), while the dead floated around them and were eaten by rats in the streets.

Do you think I'm just another crazy tin-hat wearing conspiracy theorist? Check out the Red Cross site.,1096,0_682_4524,00.html

Bush and ALL his cronies, who say they love America, obviously hate Americans. More Americans have died on this soil under this administration than any other in history. They have systematically privatized and dismantled every single government agency, from FEMA to the "Dept. of Homeland Security", from the FDA to the EPA to the military. They are evil and murderous, and we can't allow them to go on destroying this country and this world, or trust them with our lives or our security for one more minute.

"...the demoniac, who are lost to themselves and who have no intelligence, engage in unbeneficial, horrible works meant to destroy the world." - Bhagavad-gita 16.9

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